All art workshops can be tailor-made to suit the objectives of any group. Please contact Angela to discuss options


for offenders and youth groups

Based on the recognition that all crimes are an overstepping of personal, legal or physical boundaries, Angela developed painting exercises to help prisoners become conscious of the effects of their behaviour on others. Within the containment of custody it is absolutely essential that prisoners cultivate a new sense and respect for their own boundaries as well as those of others if any degree of real and lasting rehabilitation is to be achieved.

Through simple colour exercises, involving painting individually, in pairs or in groups, the piece of paper becomes a safe arena in which participants can experience and develop new and more healthy relationships to boundaries.

The principals of these workshops can be applied to any creative process or as a supplement to an existing  rehabilitative programme for offenders. To view examples of previous workshops organised or run by Angela please go to: Learning to Learn through the Arts scheme


The feedback I received was so positive I

am sure I am not the only one waiting for

a repeat of the experience.

Jim Slade, Offender Learning and Skills Manager, HMP Dorchester

The course gave me more confidence in myself. It gave me the confidence to stand up and do something that I thought that I would not be able to do …

Prisoner, HMP Wandsworth

I feel very proud of myself … I have skills I didn’t realise I had.

Prisoner, HMYOI Feltham

angela findlay
angela findlay

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Training days:

for artists, art teachers, and professionals working with offenders or groups

Angela’s colour exercises have proved to be a highly effective method of working with individuals or groups of people who have issues with boundaries. Based on Goethe’s Theory of Colours but developed specifically for working with offenders, the exercises draw participants’ awareness to their own behaviour and tendencies as an individual or within a group. The principles of Angela’s work can be transferred across mediums to add a therapeutic element to any existing art class, workshop or training day for professionals.

A one-day workshop consists of:

  1. -an introduction to wet-on-wet technique

  2. -experiencing the primary colours as expressions of particular characteristics

  3. -painting in pairs

  4. -painting as a group / group dynamics

  5. -identifying balance of colours and boundaries

To discuss requirements, fees and availability please contact Angela


It was staggering to watch Angela. Her ability to enthuse and inspire broke barriers and transcended boundaries.

Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen while filming “Hidden Talent: locked away” for BBC2 at HMP Stafford, 2005

Angela's work is right on the money for prisoners who have no sense of what they are capable of. She opens them up and lets them fly into a world that vastly expands their imaginations, trapped as they are in such confined spaces physically. The transformation can be magical, and can lead to more permanent changes in their lives.

Roger Graef, Writer, Film maker, Criminologist


for schools

As a professional artist and qualified Artistic Therapist Angela offers a variety of workshops for students of all ages. These are either based on her own art practice or her more therapeutic colour work with prisoners and the general public as outlined in her talks.

Workshop 1 – based on Angela’s current practice as an artist and using photographic collage as a base for an exploration of familiar but overlooked scenarios of the everyday. (see Gallery)

Areas covered: colour mixing; composition; preparing surfaces; developing an underlying narrative; applying (oil) paint with palette knives

Workshop 2 – based on Angela’s sea, sky and weather paintings using her signature materials, mud and sand mixed with paint to create textured surfaces. (see Gallery - mud paintings)

Areas covered: colour mixing; composition; learning to work expressively; using hands to apply materials rather than paintbrushes

Workshop 3 – based on colour exercises used in Artistic Therapy for personal development and self-expression

Areas covered: colour mixing; wet-on-wet technique; working in pairs and/or groups; learning to see group dynamics on the paper

Workshops can be booked in conjunction with a talk or separately. Please contact Angela to discuss your requirements.


“Our 6th form pupils were fully engaged in Angela’s inspirational and thought provoking workshop; a friendly and honest approach which encouraged deeper thinking, manipulation of digital images and experimental and expressive use of paint…great creative fun and a positive contribution to their A Level coursework portfolio”

Art Department, Monmouth School