Sea & Skyscapes

Fleeting moments of weather and light created with paint mixed with Angela’s signature material, the River Severn mud, and danced onto the canvas using her hands and fingers.

two crosses · eight points · one centre (2008)

A series of paintings based on trips to the eight cardinal points of the UK coast over the course of a year. Each journey was timed to coincide with the Celtic and Christian festivals that punctuate the calendar and to reflect the related time of day/night.


N December: Winter Solstice / Christmas 12 midnight
NE February: Imbolc / Candlemas 3am
E March: Spring Equinox / Easter 6am
SE May: Beltain / May Day 9am
S June: Summer Solstice / Mid-summer 12 noon
SW August: Lugnasadh / Harvest 3pm
W September: Autumn Equinox / Michaelmas 6pm
NW November: Samhain / All Hallows 9pm


Mixed media using local sand and River Severn mud to mark a shift in focus from the outer manifestations of light and weather to the inner essence of time and place.

The North


The North-east


The East


The South-east


The South


The South-west


The West


The North-west