Angela Findlay is an Anglo-German artist, author and public speaker with a former career of teaching art in prisons both in England and Germany.

Running through her own artistic practice is a deep interest in everyday moments of beauty and the layered traces of time passing.

Alternating between a variety of techniques and materials, from oil and collage to mud or cake, and combining a love of colour and textures, her paintings focus on the dancing light of coastal weather or capture mundane domestic scenarios easily overlooked or omitted by grander narratives.

A long-standing interest in the destructive impact of unresolved trauma, guilt, crime and silence has led to a diverse body of work including site-specific installations, performative actions and text projections. Using a mixture of method and spontaneity, the pieces explore the role art can play in healing personal and collective memory of war and destruction.

Angela also writes and gives talks on this subject. Please go to: www.angelafindlaytalks.com

Angela’s paintings have been shown extensively in exhibitions across the UK and have been purchased by international collectors.

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