Commissioning Angela can be a rewarding process of collaboration and co-creation of a special and unique picture that combines elements, colours or objects personally selected by you.

Commission a painting as a birthday present or as a lasting legacy of someone who has died.

Capture the mood or memory of an occasion or place you love to remember.

Create a personalised still life painting using photographs of your own interior and/or treasured mementos.

Everything is potentially possible.  To discuss your ideas and options, please contact Angela


Robert Whitrow – ‘Robert’s dust of time done’ (detail) 90x90cm (2021) 

I am delighted with the painting that Angela undertook on commission, which was based on another of hers that had already sold. I was able to ‘customise’ it and create a bespoke picture by including various personal items of significance to me during my life.

Angela was extremely easy to work with, came up with great ideas for the overall structure and composition and delivered to the agreed timescale. The final picture has been much admired and will be a future family heirloom.

5. Robert (detail)

Tessa Baird – ‘Gardening in a red dress with dogs and chickens (detail) 100x100cm (2020)

I was very taken with a painting Angela had done for a neighbour and wanted one a bit like it. I discussed my ideas with Angela and after explaining her techniques and listening to what I wanted, she gave me a timeframe and price. Near completion, she sent me a progress picture and asked if I wanted anything changed. I didn’t. It was exactly what I was after.

Angela has been a pleasure to meet and I would recommend her to anyone wanting that special picture.

6. Tessa's hens and dog

Jo Brand –  Cornish beach with parents and dog (detail) 120x120cm (2018)

A friend of mine had bought one of Angela’s paintings which I greatly admired. When my lovely father died, I wanted to do something special in memory of him. I had the idea to contact Angela and ask if I could commission a similar seascape to my friend’s and to somehow incorporate my parents into it.  Angela and I worked together to come up with ideas on how to do this and I am absolutely thrilled to now own this piece of art that I was able to buy with my Dad’s money and which allows me to see an image of my parents every day.

Angela has huge talent. My painting captures the very essence of a Cornish beach with the tide going out and reflection of sky in the puddles on the beach, all created with her textured medium of sand and paint.  Working with Angela was a lovely experience.  She was empathetic and sensitive as she understood the emotional aspect and just how much the painting meant to me.

7. Jo's parents

Eira Parry – his and her chairs (detail) 60x60cm (2017) 

Looking at Angela’s website, I loved all her paintings, but many had already sold. It was then that Angela suggested commissioning a painting especially for me.

I was drawn to a pair of paintings depicting a chair draped with clothes in front of an open window. Angela created a version of these with mine and my partner's things depicted. I provided pictures of our possessions - a scarf, a bra, Peter's tie, both of our favourite shoes - and these now feature in my very own paintings.

Working with Angela was a fantastic process and I now have three fabulous, individual paintings that I will never tire of looking at. Each day I see something different in them, and they look different throughout the day as the light changes.

Eira's chair

Steve – bedroom window scene (detail)  30x30cm (2014) 

Client: ‘My wife is going to be fifty in a couple of weeks. She has long wanted the view from our bed towards the windows painted… She loves your work… do you do commissions?’

10 days later: ‘She loves the painting. Thank you for making it so easy.’

Fliff 30x30cmIMG_1990